Festival Show

Mr Wizowski is an expert at building crowds in to a frenzy of applause for his madcap stunts. Having run away from law school, Mr Wizowski brings to you a whirlwind of hilarious mayhem. He combines his trademark comic timing with unbelievable stunts, whether it’s juggling knives or balancing on a precarious tower of rolling pipes, Mr Wizowski is guaranteed to risk his life for your entertainment.

Length : 15min-45min

Skills: Vary depending on location and stage but these can include Juggling, Whip cracking, Rola bola and Cyr wheel.

"Mr Wizowski performed at the Museum’s annual family concert day and was absolutely fantastic. We received great feedback from families who were in the audience and we would most certainly recommend Mr Wizowski to others who are looking for a high quality, professional performer for their event."

Catherine Gadd, Otago Museum